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My Attention. This has it.

I'll tell you all right now, I love horror movies. I love them even despite the fact that very few of them are that "scary" any more. They still do a good job at startling you with loud noises, but few of them actually make me walk away feeling really shook up. Notable exceptions (in my honest opinion, I know most of you will groan and roll your eyes at these) are the Ringu movies (both the original Asian and Hollywood remake) as well as the Paranormal Activity movies. Anyone who has read my LJ posts in the past (I think there are maybe, what, two of you?) knows what I think of the PA movies.

Well, the producers of the PA movies have a hand in this new offering "Sinister" too, and I'll be totally honest... it looks promising. See I kind of dig ghost stories that have a technology spin to them. The PA movies had the whole recorded footage angle that put the audience behind the eyes of objective security cameras as opposed to actual film cameras, and the Ringu movies used video formats as portals for the baddies to get at us. This seems to be doing the same thing, so yeah. Sign me up!

Anime North Masquerade Highlights

I did shoot the whole masquerade, but here's a small taste of a few select favorites of mine!

If you are looking for a specific entree, head over to Terri Boake's channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/tboake2000

Anime North Cosplayer Fun!

Walk Vlog - Vewy Vewy Quiet


I've already thrown this out on FB and Twitter, but I want to hit everyone with this!

Apparently I "haven't seen enough movies" according to a couple people! This, I won't stand for!

So I ask you guys: name 3 movies you think I should see!

Obviously you get do-overs if you name something I've already seen. Plus, make sure it's something that's not currently running in theaters.

Let's hear what you guys got!


Loud Hill


Damn Good Looks

Movie Night - Going For Spooky

If anyone is interested, I'm planning on catching "Silent House" this Tuesday evening at 10:10pm at the Eglinton Theatre at Yonge and Eglinton.

A horror movie with the "24" twist of being all in real-time? Hell, I've taken bigger gambles on gimmicky horror movies in the past. Why not?




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